New MLM company: Is Organic Acres a scam?

organic mlm company

So I’ve been looking into this new MLM company called Organic Acres who claim to be running a number of organic farms over on the west coast.  The idea seems to be that they sign up members, much like a local CSA in order to purchase a share of their harvest.. although this one would run 48 weeks of the year as opposed to the usual 4/5 months that most CSAs can offer.  Members in turn would apparently have some input into the sorts of vegetables they would like to see grown – described as having your own garden – and they then sign up with one of the various membership plans to purchase boxes of organic vegetables and have them shipped to their home.  I love this idea, an online CSA-cum-MLM-company where you get to choose when and what they send you – they even offer to buy back boxes that you have paid for but don’t need.. for a profit!  And the bonus for me was going to be the chance to make small commissions and ultimately a residual income by referring other people to sign up.  All too good to be true I guess.. and that’s when you know to be wary, which is why I had not parted with any cash yet.

They are also offering what they call pioneer positions to the first few thousand members and claim they will receive a small percentage of the profits as the company goes forward.  Despite their rather infuriating website and slightly steep sign up costs, it all sounded great to me, I was very excited.  Until I started to read a few threads on a couple of forums that suggest Organic Acres are not delivering.  Not delivering on their promises, not even delivering boxes for the most part.  They have been going since 2009, so they must be working out some of their teething problems by now, so I dare not give them the benefit of the doubt.  Many people have posted that they have received no vegetable boxes and no customer service.  They want their money back and are not getting it.  The BBB has a complaint against the company that has not been answered and no they have an F rating.

All very disappointing.  So its onwards with my search for the perfect network marketing business to operate online.  I just want to find a company that treads lightly on the earth, offers customers real products that they want to buy regularly without wasting their hard earned money and offers small commissions to marketeers for promoting their business.  Is that too much to ask?

Should I be saving my energy and forget about MLM and network marketing all together?

Perhaps I should be learning to knit instead and start a little etsy business.

Or maybe I should be looking Beyond Organic?!


One response to “New MLM company: Is Organic Acres a scam?

  1. Thanks for the heads up and I’m sure there are some marketing opportunities out there that are made to order for you. It will just require a little patience on your part and some networking help on the part of your FB and LinkedIn marketing contacts.

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