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How to calculate your healthy eating score

This is another interesting video from

Trying to calculate an average score is probably quite difficult without writing down everything you eat for a week.. because we all do better on some days than others, right? Yesterday, for example I was probably on target for at least a 75, I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast, lentils and a salad for lunch.. and then we went out for dinner! Even though my fish and vegetable pasta dish wasn’t the worst thing on the menu, it wasn’t very leafy or green. And dessert, though apple-related, wasn’t exactly a healthy option!

Today got off to a bad start.. well how can you be expected to resist a luscious lemon cupcake when it’s on offer?! I shall try to make up for it with a lentil lunch and lots of organic chai.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your score is (at least for today!).